The Aquamarine World Aquarium is an educational and entertaining non profit museum, zoo and aquarium of different species of marine animals. The Aquarium’s mission is to teach a sense of wonder, respect, and stewardship for ocean, its inhabitants, and environments. Create logo, business card, letterhead, envelope and business stationery. Client: Instructor Melinda Curtis

Folder:                   60 lb cover, uncoated, Ivory     9” x 12” 
Letterhead:            24 lb text, uncoated, Ivory       8.5” x 11” 
Envelope:               24 lb text, uncoated, Ivory       9.5” x 4” 
Business Card:       80 lb cover, uncoated Ivory     3.5” x 2”  
Brochure:              60 lb cover, uncoated Ivory     5” x 6”    
Season Pass:         80 lb cover, uncoated Ivory     3.5” x 2” 
Ticket:                   60 lb cover, uncoated Ivory    6” x 2”
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